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3 ways to help your Reformer Pilates work even better for you

Strength, flexibility, balance, and fitness are just some of the compelling reasons to engage in regular Reformer Pilates. But sometimes life gets in the way and makes turning up for a class both literally and mentally testing.
So, what can you do to help you get there regularly, stay in the zone when you are there and continue to keep growing in both your level of skill and challenge?

Getting there regularly

Successful habit changes are far more likely (and sustainable) if they are based on who you are, and not the results you want. So, start by simply choosing the traits you need to reach your goal.
For example, if your goal is to be toned and in great shape, you might want to identify as strong i.e., the kind of person who chooses to move as often as they can, is always active (takes the stairs etc), and someone who hits the studio regularly J
Now think about how this ‘strong’ person aligns their behaviour with the desired outcome of getting to the studio on a regular basis. What are the dos and don’ts they follow to make it happen?
The idea is to retrain your brain by thinking and acting like the person you aspire to be. It might feel a little forced at first, but if you stick with it, those characteristics you desire will soon become second nature to you.
TOP TIP: When you do get to the studio, celebrate this tiny win! The celebration releases dopamine (the happy hormone), which helps your brain make the association that the action you have taken is good and should be repeated!

Staying in the zone during class

We’ve all been there …you have made the effort to get to the studio, but you just can’t seem to get into the groove of the class and engage with the workout. And when this happens the task at hand starts to feel like hard work.
This kind of disengagement is most likely caused by one of the following – you may be tired, feeling a little unwell or unpleasant in some way, or distracted and overwhelmed by other tasks or thoughts.
Whatever the reason, the good news is there is a simple fix to get you re-engaged, so you can get the best out of your workout and feel energised and positive once you are done.
Simply close your eyes for a moment, take a few deep breaths and focus on your purpose…why are doing this in the first place? Is it to be stronger, relieve pain, get fitter, get in shape etc. Really concentrate on the why and lead yourself back to a positive and determined frame of mind.
TOP TIP: Attention is a valuable commodity and only becomes a magnet to misery if we let it. So, before, during and after a session in the studio, shift your focus away from the stuff that makes you feel bad or inadequate.

Grow your level of skill & challenge

Your mindset is your philosophy of life – a set of thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs that shape your thinking habits and, in turn, contribute to your behaviour and choices.
We are often only aware of our mindset when it manifests itself as a running commentary in our heads (aka our inner critic), and from here we have a choice, to lean more towards either a fixed or a growth mindset.
If you choose a fixed mindset approach you believe your qualities and talents are unchangeable, so you avoid challenges, give up easily and in turn may plateau early and achieve less than your full potential.
Alternatively, a growth mindset believes that the hand you have been dealt is just the starting point for development. It embraces challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, and sees effort as a path to mastery.
So, if you want to reach ever-higher levels of achievement retreat from a fixed mindset and let yourself flourish.
TOP TIP:  The term being in ‘flow’ (or in the zone) is about finding the right balance between your level of skill and the degree of challenge. If the task is too easy boredom and apathy loom, too hard and it’s just stressful. (The team at Bora will get you in the right flow for you)!
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By Sarah Rowley
Author of ‘modify- achievable steps to happier living’.


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