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The team at Bora are professional, welcoming and supportive. Your experience with us matters, what ever your need we will be sure to nurture, support and guide you on your health and wellness journey.

Anissa Germain M.Ost

Studio Director & Osteopath

Reformer Pilates sessions have a maximum of 4 clients per class. Smaller classes enable me to give each of you individual attention and instruction.

Not only is Pilates an excellent form of exercise for everyone, but also using my knowledge from my Osteopath studies, I am able to adapt the sessions to assist many of my clients during rehabilitation of back and sports injuries, hip and knee replacements and general wellbeing. As a beginner you may feel at first nothing is happening and this can be frustrating but if I can give you one top tip, it would be to commit yourself to 10 classes and you will never regret it!

My classes are diverse, everything from Reformer, Tower Reformer, BarreReformer classes. When you contact me I will happily talk you through my schedule. I am pleased to offer new clients a telephone conversation where we can discuss your specific requirements and any concerns you might have.

Daisy Whytock

Pilates Instructor

Daisy began her career in Fitness 8 years ago after finding a passion for Pilates, Barre and running.  Pilates became a staple in Daisy’s exercise regimen after some running related injuries and two pregnancies, including a twin pregnancy. Pilates is hugely beneficial in rehabilitating bodies and focussing the mind and has therefore been an important part of her own recovery.

Daisy is a STOTT certified Pilates Instructor and qualified to teach TRX and Exercise to Music among other things.  Her passion is planning creative, ever evolving classes while maintaining a keen attention to correct form and safe practice.  Her aim is to keep you motivated and focussed throughout your class or private session and her promise is that you will never be bored!

Eloïse Mayall

Soft Tissue Therapist

Eloise studied Sports and Remedial Massage (aka Soft Tissue Therapy) at the London School of Sports Massage and has been working as a Soft Tissue Therapist since achieving her diploma.  Using a combination of deep tissue massage and advanced remedial soft tissue techniques Eloise has successfully treated both chronic and acute injuries, whether caused by a specific accident or by general lifestyle habits; it is her belief that it’s important to identify and treat the cause of the issue, not just manage the symptoms.

In addition, Eloise has undertaken specific training allowing her to offer deep tissue massage in combination with hot stones – a treatment which is particularly relaxing, great for when you just want to de-stress.
As a qualified pilates instructor Eloise frequently combines her knowledge of pilates with Sports Massage to recommend specific exercises to support the soft tissue treatments, encouraging long-term and long-lasting recovery as well as improved general physical and postural habits.


Pilates Instructor

Training originally as a dancer and musical theatre performer Amber brings awesome energy and unique style to all her classes. With over 8 years teaching experience in Reformer Pilates, Barre, Aerial and multiple other forms of group training, she brings a wide range of knowledge, understanding and technique to her instructing. Having battled serious injuries, as well as postpartum rehab she understands and appreciates the incredible healing power of Pilates and is hugely passionate to share that with clients. With 5 years teaching experience in the USA Amber brings a modern, dynamic and energetic flare to her sessions. Amber prides herself on providing a warm and supportive environment, making sure clients feel empowered, inspired and leave her sessions with a smile on the face!

Gosia Malyszko

Pilates Instructor

My Pilates journey begun in 2010, after I suffered a knee injury that prevented me from participating in any high-impact sports. As my whole life always revolved around fitness (as a kid I was a professional table tennis player and later – group class instructor, teaching step, body conditioning, circuit, etc.) I needed something to stay active, but also something that is safe and would help me with my regeneration. That is when I discovered Pilates. I fell in love with it after the first class I took part in. Soon after, I qualified as a Pilates instructor in Poland and started teaching it after moving to UK in 2012. In 2016 I have converted to become a fully qualified Body Control Pilates teacher.

Since, I haven’t stopped developing my knowledge and have been attending different courses, classes and workshops on a regular basis so that I continue to provide my clients with the best service possible.


Pilates Instructor
During a successful and privileged 20 year career of gruelling touring around the world I sustained several injuries. Fortunately, early on I was initiated into the pilates method guiding me to understand my body and the importance of intelligent, efficient movement.

I decided to retire at the peak of my profession and use my experiences and knowledge of pilates and the body to work with fellow dancers. I took on a 2year apprenticeship under the guidance of Hana Jones, my guru teacher, and worked alongside her at her studio in Central London until I moved to Wellington in 1999. I immediately set up a studio at the New Zealand School of Dance and 3 years later I opened The Pilates Studio.

I have had the privilege of working with the dancers at the Royal New Zealand Ballet and the New Zealand School of Dance for 12 years, continually upgrade my knowledge with training from The Pilates Foundation UK and influencers in Australasia. With every new skill and technique learned, I stay true to the pure fundamentals of Joseph Pilates to maintain the congruency and depth required as a teacher.

Pilates is a journey which takes time and requires commitment and discipline.

“Pilates is not just a set of exercises, it is a daily practice, a way of life” J.P.

Elizabeth Webb

Pilates Instructor

Elizabeth qualied as a Pilates instructor with Physical Mind Institute (PMI) in early 2015 and has more recently furthered her understanding of Pilates by becoming a qualied Reformer practitioner in 2017.

She has been practicing Pilates for over 14 years and truly believes it is a form of exercise for all levels of tness. Her classes are a full body workout, improving exibility, building strength while developing muscle control and endurance for the entire body. Emphasis will be on body alignment, breathing and developing a strong core to aid in overall tness and mobility. Elizabeth’s teaching will allow for dierent exercises to be modied taking into account injuries and overall tness levels.

Being a Pilates instructor is a ‘second life’ for Elizabeth as she spent 20 years in the corporate world in Human Resources. She lives in Tunbridge Wells with her husband, 2 teenage boys and her much loved dog.